Stage Four: Organization

The Schutzstuffel

The Schutzstuffel

Genocide is always organized. The Nazis trained special army units and militias in order to suppress the Jews and follow through with their preparations for the “Jew free Germany.” Built upon the Nazi ideology, the Schutzstaffel was a criminal organization that assisted the Nazis in providing security for all Nazi Party members, mainly Adolf Hitler. Its large numbers and power were unmatched by many organizations in Germany and was considered to be one of the most powerful organizations to ever be created in the Third Reich. After gaining control of Germany’s police forces, the Schutzstaffel expanded their responsibilities. Heinrich Himmler commanded the Schutzstaffel and divided it into three sections: The Security section, the Military section, and the Concentration Camp section. Each section had their own set of tasks, which contributes to the overall Nazi ideal.

A chain of command is established through the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. Containing a numerous number of titles, it minimizes room for error by splitting up tasks such as eliminating Nazi opposition and overseeing the daily operations of concentration camps/death camps. This demonstrates how systematic the Holocaust was and it resulted from a chain of events strung together. Without a solid structure to work on, nothing could be achieved without it falling down.



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